Interior & Exterior Doors

Only a skilled carpenter can fit a new door with an equal,neat margin. LA Carpentry can supply and fit your new doors that will not jam and will close properly.

Interior-and-Exterior-Door-Hanging-and-Fitting-GloucestershireFitting doors can be a tricky and skill full job that should only be carried out by skilled carpenters.

All foundations of buildings move, this is a natural occurrence, when this happens door frames can also move making the edges uneven and bowed, this then makes the door frame wider in some parts and narrower in others but a new door comes with perfectly straight edges.

The new door needs to be carefully shaped and planed so it fits into the doorframe perfectly, we will know how much to shape the door by putting a long straight edge or level on the door frame edges and measuring the frame in numerous positions up and down. If it is not measured correctly then it will leave unequal margins around the door and the door may need to be replaced in order to make it fit, also doorstops may sometimes have to come off and be repositioned due to size of door and uneven gaps

The cost of fitting doors varies on lots of different aspects:

  • Internal door or external door
  • Fire-doors
  • Hardwood doors or softwood doors
  • Condition of door frames
  • Fitting door locks and handles

We work on a price per fitted door, we can discuss your job and give you a free quotation on supply and fit of your doors. We can guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work and we can supply the doors, handles and ironmongery for your convenience.